Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Camp Journal Entry #3: Tuesday Morning

I don't want to brag, but last night, it was in the low 60's.

Okay I'm bragging a little bit.

So far, camp has been stellar. Last night at cabin time, the comment was made, "I am friggin' wicked tired." To which I replied "It's only Monday

Well done, Prescott Pines, well done.

The students have been connecting and growing already, working through deep internal conflicts and wrestling with tough questions, "How can God's love truly be infinite, and what does that say about me?"

Ryan Senters, our speaker up here at camp has been a phenomenal speaker so far, bonding with the students and challenging them to deepen their intimacy with God. 

The weather is perfect, God is working, the Holy Spirit is moving, and I am so ridiculously excited.

Of course, as any good camp will, we all have sustained our fair share of bumps and scratches. 

During steal the bacon, a student from the opposite team was running away with the blue noodle. I wanted the blue noodle. 

That blue noodle was my blue noodle.

The staff made clear that this was not elementary school camp, and if we so desired, we could tackle and claim our prize.

I so desired.

I watched him snatch that blue noodle from a myriad of mixed rec-toys, and that blue noodle was the goal of the round. 

Like a bullet from a gun, I tore after him. My vision was tunneled, and all I could see was my noodle-in-distress being carried away by some mysterious high schooler. As he was merely feet from his team's line, I launched myself at him like a starving tiger.

I may or may not have roared when I pounced. 

I felt very tigery.

As I felt the back of his shirt flirt the tip of my fingers, I knew he had too much of a lead on me, so I settled for a good pair of legs. Before I slammed on to the ground, I got a good grip of his legs, wrapped them up, and death rolled like a Nile crocodile.

As I gnawed upon one of his ankles, one of my fellow team members came upon the gnarled mass of animalistic chaos and reclaimed our stolen property.

Actually the truth is, the kid grabbed the noodle, so I chased him and tackled him. It wasn't as gory as it sounds. He was 100% fine and I sustained a few minor lacerations to my right arm. It might have been from the vicious struggle of tooth and claw.

Or maybe a rock.

Everything at camp seems epic! Even the most mundane of tasks can become an exciting, high energy activity.

Have you ever played cards with camp staff before?

It's a life-threatening game of life and death. 

On a sad note, I am without French press coffee this morning. Yesterday morning, some of the other leaders saw my fresh pot of coffee, and they could not resist. 

They asked the impossible: "can I have some of your coffee?"

Of course I shared. Mr. Rogers taught me will.

Now I'm short a bit and only have enough coffee for Thursday.

Curse me and my generosity.

In closing of this entry, continue praying for safety and health for our students and leaders.

Pray that God would continue to mold and shape hearts, and that He would give wisdom to the leaders to engage and challenge their students to deepen their intimacy with our loving creator.

Nate T B