Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Camp Journal Entry #4: Wednesday Morning and still kicking

Another beautiful morning in God's country. Partly cloudy with a 27% chance of rain later in the afternoon. Right now the temperature is a chilly 71 degrees.

As the dudes sleep, here I sit, sipping French press coffee and listening to Deathcab For Cutie as the sun peeks out from behind the trees. 

Everyday here is beautiful and a gift from God, and I am so grateful to be here with these students. Last night was an incredible night of faith and reflection, considering what aspect of their lives they are denying Christ's Lordship over. There were tears and so much prayer.

There's something awe inspiring about watching your high school student hugging and praying over a junior high student. 

Watching the Holy Spirit build fires and fan flames in the hearts of all of these students is beautiful and incredible! If there was a way I could capture an image that illustrated the magnitude of passion up here, I would cherish that picture.

I love talking to the other youth leaders that come up here with their students. The amount of knowledge up here is a gold mine of wisdom and differing perspectives that would be considered a blessing by anyone's standards.

Since we've been up here, I have heard from several of the other leaders that our students from Summit Ridge Church are some of the most competitive, hard working, and respectful students they
have seen at camp.

Kudos to the parents.

Today's team competition games look to be daunting. At 11:00, we play Kajabe Can-can against the untouchable yellow team.

Kajabe. Can-can is a game of quick adjustments and physical strategy that favors agility and implementation of momentum over brute force.

But brute force sure is handy.

The game is simple. 

Each player has a small twelve inch rope knotted at both ends for grip. With every other person on your team, the opposite team is on both your sides. Each player takes ahold of the player's rope beside them, forming a large circle around a trash can in the middle. When given the signal, a 360 degree game of tug-o-war begins trying to get the other team members eliminated by having them touch the can or let go of their rope grip. It's more intense than it sounds.

Then we play Scatter ball which a version of dodgeball without boundaries, so it's a mad game of sprinting and running.

And then after lunch, we have a series of pool games.
My favorite.

The day should be a full one, packed with excitement and intensity.

Continue to pray and consider picking up some kids from camp and hearing their awesome stories on the beautiful ride home. 

Nate T B