Thursday, July 24, 2014

Camp Journal Entry #5: Last Full Day

Yesterday, if you had asked me how I felt the week was going, I would have replied "is it barely Wednesday?" But now that it is Thursday, I can't believe that camp end tomorrow. 

Do we have to go?

I have seen a group of twelve acquaintances ride four hours up to a tiny, ancient camp in the Prescott forest and turn in to a family of Christ-loving students. You can't put a price on that.

Today, being the last full day, is expected to be the most off the hook, insane, crazy day of this whole week.

According to the beautiful Haylee Troth, today is the Great Race, Messy Games, and Water Games.

The Great Race is traditional race of eclectice challenges that challenges a team as a whole. The tradition of the Great Race reaches as far back as the history of camp itself from the time the Greek demigod, Camproditis Squirrel-chaser, proposed a test to camps across the world to test their campers of being worthy to bear the name of camp conquerors. In honor of the great camp conqueror, Krytos the homesick, who, in the last second, beat Camproditis in the Great Race of 47 B.C. in a speed round of Pokemon trivia, we continue the tradition.

The Great Race is a camp wide relay of different activities and challenges spanning from feats of brute strength to tests of the mind and agility. As a whole, the team travels together, works together, and is victorious together.

But there can only be one team of camp conquerors.

According to tradition, losing teams would be sent to the lair of the four headed squirrel, Adorabus, to be gnawed up, but because of the endangered nature of four headed squirrels, a dumb signed petition resulted in the relocation and protection of Adorabus. 

Now losing teams just wallow in the shame of failure and go take naps.

I guess that's almost as bad.

Water games are exactly what they sound like. Games. With water.

But Messy games.. The mere mention of this event send shivers to where my gall bladder used to be and leaves me in a cold sweat. I have no idea what Messy Games means nor what it might entail. Am I frightened? Does a snipe poop in the woods?

Yes. Yes it does.

So today should be a great day full of excitement and victory. I have full confidence in our abilities to be victorious and claim the name as camp conquerors and carry on the name of Krytos the Homesick.

We are all so tired in the very best of ways, and almost all of us have visited the camp nurse to wrap us up in bandaids and pepto. That's what happens when you give your all.

God is moving powerfully and obviously in the hearts of the campers and leaders, and I am so excited to see the camp fire return home and continue to burn brighter than ever before. A fire will continue to burn as long as it is given fuel and room to burn.

Continue to pray for the students and leaders up here as well as the speaker, Ryan, and maybe shoot a prayer of two up for me as well. 

Tomorrow is the last day of camp, but the first day of our first ever work week. Am I excited? Does a snipe poop in the woods?

Nate T B